Book Money

College Text Book Fundraiser

Each year, since the 1980s, the Indianola High School Athletic Booster Club has awarded textbook money to selected Indianola senior athletes who have attended colleges after graduation. To date, we have been able to provide textbook money to approximately 135 athletes. As any parent with children in college can tell you, this money will be put to very good use!

Book money donations will be due April 1, 2022.

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Your participation in this event will help ensure that the Booster Club can again support the educational needs of some of our graduating seniors. You may submit your contribution online using the link below, or you may complete the form and send a check or money order to the address provided.

On behalf of all Indianola athletes, I thank you for your continuing support!

Tara Rehmeier, President Indianola Athletic Booster Club

Book Money Recipients Class of 2019

Katie Thessen
Liz Leech
Tyler Juffernbruch
Conner Lynch
Jenna Lee-Johnson
Jadyn Forbes
Brock Elbert
Aiden Ruble
Gabrielle Haynes
Dominic Rivas
Colton Miller
Matt Deike